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How Does Booster Boss Work?

Used by over 50,000+ brands from big name marketing agencies to major record labels. Booster Boss free to join is easy to use.
Follow the simple steps below to start driving your content into major platforms algorithms using our proprietary data formulas.

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Fill out your Instagram with likes, views, custom comment and up to 20 Million Followers.


Up to 50 Million Views, Video Likes, Video Dislikes, Comment Up Votes, Custom Comments And More.


Harness the tools to launch viral tweets, upvotes and more.

Tik Tok

Up To 10 Million Views, comments, followers and anything else you could possibly want.


250,000 Monthly Listeners, Get 5 Million Streams A Song, Pre Saves, Follows, Playlist Followers And More


2 Million Plays On Every Song, Likes, Custom Comments, Followers And More.


You want it, we got it.


Establish yourself with page follows, comment, comment likes and more.


Everything any Twitch user could ask for.

Still Confused? Here's The Full Break Down

💎 Booster Boss is a Social Proof Aggregator (SPA) for social media algorithm boosting. 🔍 

🔑 By utilizing our proprietary algorithm services, you get personal access to the same super power that’s used by every major media company, digital marketing agency and major record label marketing department. 

🚀 Companies use our exclusive services to have the specialized ability to control the influence their content’s initial algorithmic push.

📈 Our services propel newly or already posted content into each social media platforms algorithm to tremendously increase it’s organic algorithmic push. Then YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Spotify etc., organically does the rest of the work by taking your content that has gotten into the algorithm and the result is the platform giving you real organic growth promoting your content to new followers and customers. 

🩹 Without using our service most influencers you see doing big numbers wouldn’t be able to get every piece of their new content into the algorithm to get seen. But once they use us to get 100% guarantee their content gets it’s maximum push into the algorithm, the social media platform carries their content to more of their current followers and even further to fresh new ones so they can grow with every new piece of content they make.

🎁 Because of our long time relationships with media companies, data analyzation techniques, safety measures and proprietary algorithms, we are able to provide the most reliable, cost efficient algorithm boosting service across all social media platforms.
🧲 Booster Boss is extremely powerful for growing your online presence when you implement the proper boost ratios inside the right marketing strategies for a brand. Digital Marketing Agencies, Labels and Music Promotion companies who know how to use our services properly, dominate the industry right now.
🎀 Those ratios and algorithmic tested strategies are built right into our platform next to every option at your fingertips.
🕹️ Test us out and feel our power in your hands.

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🔌 We are the source of all algorithmic pushing online.

Others promo and marketing companies resell our services to influencers and music artists who don’t know how to use Booster Boss themselves.

We cut the price of social media marketing for influencers, music artists, models and big brands into a fraction of the costs other companies charge, because other companies use our services to resell to their clients. They are the middle man, we are the source.

Booster Boss is a tried and true resource for social media algorithm boosts that result in real social proof.

We are a relentless team of social media experts across numerous business sectors who have over 40+ years total experience in social media algorithm dissection.  

We offer a massive array of services, meaning you’ve got options. Our services are for people who want to go deeper than surface level and touch the underbelly of the algorithm that runs every single social media platform that exists.

Once you have signed up for your FREE account,  choose services through our menu. Make sure to navigate our site first so you’re aware of all the options available to you. Once you’ve selected your services, check out.

The cost of services will be deducted from your account balance. If your account balance is empty, you will have to refill via PayPal or Stripe before you can finalize your order and your proof is processed by our system.

We will not need your login, password, or anything like that. We will never ask for it. We do not login to your account at any time.

No. Our services are safe and secure for your accounts on social media platforms. We’ve never had a single user banned as a result of our services in our 6+ year operating history with over 50 Million Total services completed.

Absolutely. Booster Boss was created to be the one-stop shop. We offer comprehensive options on all different social media platforms to help your brand’s content gain algorithmic momentum.

Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you’re an A-list celebrity it’s going to take a lot of time and work. Booster Boss is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy influencers and entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand and sales on social media. Gain instant respect for your business and attract opportunities and eyes with our services.

Your account must be set to public in order for our services to work correctly! However, if you still would like to keep your account private, there is a way around this! Set your account to public when you purchase your services, then switch it back to private after your social proof has taken effect on your social media. Afterward, you just have to set your account to the public for about 5-10 minutes after you upload your media so that our services can take effect.

Once you submit your order, we’re instantly working to fulfill it for you or your client. You’ll begin seeing results within 10 minutes. Some larger services take up to 48 hours, though that is extremely rare, we still want to make you aware that it does happen.